Do You Have an Old Kitchen Floor? Repairing vs. Replacing

Do you have an old kitchen floor? Repairing vs. replacing, can your old kitchen floor be saved? Should you replace it? A lot would depend upon the basic structure of the floor in repairing vs. replacing. If your kitchen floor is made of hardwood, and is even and not warped, it is probably best to repair it. True hardwood floors can be very expensive. If it is sound and of good structure, you have something of value. The same holds true for old tile which is almost indestructible. If you truly do not like your old kitchen floor, you should replace it, or at least give it a face lift.Here are some more ideas to face lift the kitchen Read More →

What are Some Great Ideas for Art in the Kitchen?

What are some great ideas for art in the kitchen? Some are expensive and some are not. If you happen to have a flair for art, art in the kitchen can be very inexpensive. If you hire an artist to do art for you, it could cost you more. Kitchen Remodel- On a Budget! is a great Art. There are many different routes you can take using art in your kitchen to make it the most enjoyable place. Ready made murals are always nice, and come in many designs. You can also use personal collections to decorate your kitchen wall. Try building around a theme. A lot of happiness begins in the kitchen.

Sometimes one picture can change your whole outlook. Its been said that a picture can say a thousand words. If you like unicorns, use unicorns, dare to use what makes you feel good. Read More →

What are 5 Clever Ways to Display TVs in the Kitchen?

We are going to look at 5 clever ways to display TVs in the kitchen. It is always nice and homey to have a TV in your kitchen. Plus it is good entertainment while you are preparing meals and doing kitchen chores to help time fly. You will actually enjoy your time spent in your kitchen. A lot of activities take place around the kitchen table, and it is nice having a  TV in your kitchen.  Having a TV in your kitchen gives a sense of hominess. Here are some more ideas for decorating your kitchen

Back in the olden days, practically the only place you could put a TV in your kitchen was to place it on your kitchen counter. Read More →

The Myth Behind Energy Star Stoves and Ovens

A bitchin kitchen isn’t one that simply looks great- it’s one that works efficiently too. The thing is, kitchen appliances can work efficiently without being energy efficient. And when this happens, your appliances are needlessly destroying natural resources and polluting the earth. Although I would hardly classify myself as a tree-hugging hippie, I am proud to care about the environment and happy to help others protect our Earth easily (without giving up most of their creature comforts). One such way to do this is to purchase Energy Star appliances for your home. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as Energy Star stoves or ovens at the moment, but by following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your kitchen will be as energy efficient as possible.
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Online Kitchen Design

It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of any home, and for good reason. It seems that, in almost any home, the kitchen invariably becomes the most frequently used room, not only for cooking and eating but for socializing and relaxing as well. For this reason, the kitchen is often one of the most commonly remodeled rooms and typically garners the most consideration when planning a new home. Energy Efficient appliance at kitchen are becoming choice for many people. Because there are so many options available for kitchen design, it can sometimes be helpful to be able to visualize what your potential dream kitchen will look like. Fortunately, there are a number of tools which facilitate online kitchen design, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s desire.
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